Become a job-ready software developer in 12 Weeks

Pay only when you're hired!
Learn in-demand coding skills from senior experts. Develop durable skills, business awareness and self-confidence. Work on real client projects and get hired!
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Proudly working with partners around the world

TAP into your full potential

TAP is a career accelerator designed to unlock opportunities for young graduates to connect to software engineering jobs - on the global market.

Developed by international experts, this program will get you real-world ready. In just 12-weeks, you’ll learn the most in-demand coding skills, enhance your business knowledge and develop the durable skills needed to start your new job.
Code like a pro
Learn cutting-edge languages and starting thinking, acting and coding like a professional -  not a student.
Develop durable skills
Build the durable skills that will power your entire career. Learn how to collaborate, communicate & critically think.
Become business aware
Understand how business’ operate as you work on a real client project alongside senior mentors.
Get hired!
On completion, gain access to our hiring partner network of leading local & international companies - and get placed!
applicants per cohort
graduates annually
employed 3 months after program

What you can expect

Expert Guidance & Mentorship
Throughout your TAP journey you will be supported by a technical mentor as well as a communications coach and career coach!
Work on a real client project
To transition from student to professional it's important to gain real-world experience. That's why the program is built around a client project that you will work on alongside senior developers
Monthly Living Allowance
You'll recieve a monthly stipend payment to help you cover costs while you study.
I learned about soft skills, professional communication, language skills, and business acumen. These are great assets to boost my level of professionalism.
Razan Abusamra
Software Developer at Kiitos Technologies

From education to employment

Apply & get accepted

Start your journey by completing a short online application. If it’s a match, we’ll invite you to take an online skills assessment followed by a final interview.

Develop job-ready skills

With support from senior mentors you will learn the most in-demand development languages and durable business skills that will ensure you transition from student to professional.

Get hired with our help

Land a job fast with the help of our career coaches. We’ll help you improve your resume, polish up your communication, practice interviews and match you with our local or international hiring partners.

Pay nothing until you start work

Kickoff your career risk-free with the help of our income share agreement. You’ll pay a small portion of your salary each month for 18 months - only when you’re hired!

TAP is a great fit if you ...

Graduate with a technical degree
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Have studied at a coding bootcamp
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Something else that's a fit for the program
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What our students have to say!

“In TAP, I grew as a person and as a developer. It was not like any typical internship program offered out there. TAP is a continuous process of challenging yourself and sharpening your hard and soft abilities.”
Raghad Abu lebdeh
Frontend Developer at ITG Software
“Through TAP, I’ve learnt about the fundamentals of front end as well as how to become a professional developer. TAP does not only focus on developers technical skills, but also on the soft skills that developers need to have.”
Abdallah Abusamrah
Frontend developer at Kiitos Technologies
“TAP is the perfect fit for those with dedication and ambition. I’ve gained so much experience in only 12 weeks, thanks to amazing mentors that were always there for me! My confidence has improved and I’ve become more self-aware.”
Tasneem Zahdeh
Software Engineer at ITG Software
“TAP was a life-changing experience. It has sharpened both my soft and technical skills and helped me make professional connections and Friends. TAP paved the way for me to come closer to achieving my professional goals and bridged the gap between my education and my employment!
Mohammed Domidi
R&D Engineer at Freightos
Madeup Name
Madeup Position at TAP
"From social scientist to software and talent developer. I'm fascinated by all kinds of systems (human or otherwise). Passionate about health, education and culture. Always up for learning more about the world.".

Meet Noer Paanakker, your lead trainer

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What you'll learn

Pay nothing until you're hired!

Building the right skills to start a successful career in tech can be expensive. By taking advantage of our income sharing agreement (ISA) scheme we help you reduce the risk.

You'll pay nothing until you've graduated from the program and been successfully matched with an employer.

Income share agreement (ISA)

of your monthly salary once employed
Once you get hired, pay 17% of your monthly salary for the first 18 months.

The questions we get asked

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